Reading doesn’t have to be a problem

Reading doesn’t have to be a problem

Help, my child can’t read or write

As we all know, learning disabilities cause many problems. It usually starts with reading and writing difficulties and growth as school material is multiplying.
Question is can we prevent it?
It is possible. It is just necessary to follow child’s behavior. Child should pass through every phase of motor development. For example if child for some reason skip crawling period it may be indicator of possible future reading or writing problems even dyslexia. Why is so important for children to crawl?
It is an important period when the use of the child’s opposite arm and leg establishes strong connections between the cerebral hemispheres, it is also important for the process of reading and writing, and these two processes are the foundation for further acquisition of knowledge. Some of daily and weekly exercises I practice with children are simulation of crawling.
Frequently I speak with parents and they are worried because their children cannot learn to read and write and that is just beginning of troubles. Kids latter have difficulties to learn lessons or even to finish grade. Their concentration is poor, they have headache. It makes huge stress to them and school becomes repulsive.
Problems in school
It’s not rare case when parents said their child can’t read at the age of 7 or 8 years.
Problem is not so hard to detect when verbally gifted child start to struggle reading and stays on same level after months of trying.
What may indicate that child is potential late bloomer?
-If child like to listen stories but doesn’t show interest of reading it himself.
-If struggles with auditory processing problems
- If child has no desire to read
-If child knows all alphabet but still has no interest to read
-If keep writing reversal after 7 or 8 years
These signs could indicate us on potential learning problems.
Question is why to let child to suffer for so long when it could reflect on his school activities, relationships with schoolmates and his self-esteem and it could make some more psychic problems?
Most parents are good in assessment of their gifted child, yet, some reluctantly start to believe they have lazy or sloppy child which could be only symptoms of learning problems or glitch.
Some kids seem to be poor in tests no matter they know material. Why it happens?
For some children spelling causes many trouble, they try to read focused to understand reading text and use much energy just to read questions. Then they need to understand questions, do task setting or assignments that sometimes need deeper analyze. Just reading for these kids makes great effort. That is why their focusing and concentration “ battery ” empties faster than with kids who don’t have reading problems.
There is solution. These children need to learn how to use photographic memory for spelling and store words. This method helps teaching right brain children.
Brain Integration therapy by D. Craft is very simple system of exercises that provides develop better connection between hemispheres and parts of brain. This therapy helps children to learn to read, write, to have better attention and coordination by making more connections between hemispheres. As we know hemispheres are connected over Corpus callosum ( bundle of neurons ) this connection is important since each hemisphere has its own roles and only connected they can provide normal brain functions.
It could be many reasons if connection between left and right brain is not as good and strong as it should be. Only well connected it can provide brain to work normally and kids can easily learn to read and write.
The brain is not only organized left to right but also top to bottom and back (receptive ) to front (expressive) part .This is very important connection between back occipital and frontal lobes of brain providing better expressive skills but also better receptive skills ( understanding what is spoken ).
Reading is skill that needs to be automatized, like riding bike. Then it won’t be a problem any more. There is one more important connection in brain, to top and bottom. When connection is good, it ensure better organization and coordination at child. Stretching exercises and Brain Integration Training will also help integration these parts of brain.
Writing eight exercises is great way that can help your child to learn alphabet. It helps making brain connections even after traumatic brain injury or stroke. Writing eight exercises is easy and also helps automatized process of reading and writing.
These exercises also helped one of my students with cerebellar ataxia to improve handwriting, which was a great success. See photos.

Mentioned exercises and balanced diet can solve some reading, writing, focusing difficulties and even to prevent learning problems. In my experience this system of exercises is very effective and successful. As the author, Dianne Craft recommends, it should be practiced 4 times a week (daily exercises) at home. Also, one other type of exercises (weekly) should be done mostly with therapist.
I even practice with some students online or educate parents to practice with children and success is evident.
This system of exercise can be performed even with children younger than school age (preschoolers) .

Ivana Dakic, CLS
Certified Learning Specialist
Dianne Craft „Right Brain“ Learning System

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